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“FAQ page for Decal Products”


1.  Why are our Decals different then other decals on the market?
We utilize Thermal digital print technology not Cheap decals from solvent inkjet plotters! Made from 58 microns  premium plus vinyl for the most durable, sharpest graphics anywhere.We also laminate all our decals to give them a super shine  and long lasting protection!

2.  Will Decals hold up to weather and waxing?
Yes! We have had testimonials of decals installed on bikes for for over 7 years and still look like new! 

3.  Do I need to clear coat over my decals once they are installed?
No! Our decals are designed to be placed over your existing paint job. They are laminated to a super shine and can be waxed as if they were painted directly on your bike.

4.  Can I clear coat over the decals?
Yes! Once Decals have been installed you can clear coat over them. (If you plan on clear coating over decals send us an e-mail and let us know and we will not "laminate" them) That will make them easier to bury in clear coat...

5.  Do I need to do anything to my decals if I decide to clear coat on top of them?
You must “Wet Sand” and prepare bike for Clear Coat. Then Install Decals as directed. (Do not attempt to sand the decal in anyway) After Decals have been installed, allow them to dry overnight to be sure all water is dried. You can now Clear Coat Bike according to paint manufactures instructions. (We recommend  a high solids clear product, laying down 2 tack coats, followed by 2 medium coats, with a final wet coat to allow for build up over decal).

6.  Can I order Decals in another color combination?
Yes! We do offer 15-17 colors other then the ones offered on our web site. However, there will be an additional charge for a color like matte Gold or silver .

7. Decal Removal

To Remove any of our Decals, we suggest that you apply low heat from a hair dryer. Heat softens the decal, which makes it easier to remove. (A cold decal breaks apart during removal). After Heating use your fingernail to pick at an edge of the Decal and then pull back in a rolling off motion. Sometimes glue may remain behind. If this happens, simply rub glue off with Goof Off, or WD 40 on a rag. Clean and wipe area with alcohol, then wax.

10.  Can Decals be removed, then reinstalled?
No! Our Decals can not be reinstalled once they have been removed!